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Viscose filament is a kind of viscose fiber, which is also called viscose or rayon.Viscose filament is regenerated cellulose fiber which is produced by cotton or other natural fiber. In the 12 main textile fiber, the moisture content of viscose filament is the best that meets the physiological requirements of human skin.At the same time, it has the characteristics such as smooth, cool, breathable, antistatic, dyeing flowery and so on.

Viscose fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber. It is produced by natural fiber as materials. The producing steps of viscose fiber include impregnating, ageing, sulfidizing, etc.. After that, we can gain the soluble cellulose xanthate, then dissolved in dilute alkali liquor and made into viscose. By the wet spinning, we get the viscose fiber. Using different raw materials and spinning process,people can produce viscose fiber, high wet modulus viscose fiber, high tenacity viscose fiberrespectively and so on.

The main manufacturing enterprises for producing Viscose fiber in our company are Baoding Swan Fiber Co., Ltd and CHTC Helon Co., Ltd., they are the international leading viscose filament production enterprises, separately produce "SWAN" brand viscose rayon and "HELON" brand viscose rayon.


Viscose fiber can be woven or blended with wide range of fiber, having extensive usage in weaving and knitting .end use application can goes for outwear ,beddings, trimmings and decorative textile.

Regenerated cellulosic fiber derived from natural fiber like as wood and cotton, endowed with excellent textile characteristics, with made fabric having a luxuriant appearance, silklike hand feel, perfect wear comfort, it ismade from cotton fiber, but excel cotton.
Viscose fiber are rich in moisturizing factor compatible with water molecule, high wet aborbtivity, absorbing and eliminating human body perspiration and prevent wetness stagnance in body ,delivering extremely pleasent and conformable wearing experience.
Viscose fiber molecule ‘s regular alignment imparts a noble outward appearance to fabric, soft and smooth hand feel,comfortable to wear, a smooth fiber surface to help reduce fiber to skin friction thus enhance wear comfort.
Viscose fiber is a result of re-arrangement of cotton fiber molecule, being porous and having a silky fiber surface, make it perfect dyeable fiber. Dyed fabric features good color fastness and beautiful dyeing and coloring effect, color can last long time after repeated washing.
Viscose fiber are composed by three atom carbon and hydrogen and oxygen, its scrap can be degraded under sunlight and water in natural environment thus posing no harm to human and environment.